Katie’s artwork is colorful, vibrant, and is representative of the natural landscapes of the mossy green Pacific Northwest and rocky dry Central Oregon. Some of her work can be described as using “Geometric” style with influences from the Futurism art period, while other styles include the personification of forest critters, and landscapes in vivid abstracted color.

Born in San Jose, California, and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Katie has also lived in Portland, and Bend, Oregon. Katie’s interest in art began as a child, and continued to be used as a hobby outside of her career in marketing and business management. In 2014, she decided to begin selling her work professionally, and is currently enrolled at Portland State University College of Art + Design to expand her knowledge in Fine Arts, and to push her artistic boundaries into 3D design as well.

“Nature is my muse and painting is my therapy”

Katie also designs interior décor which includes pillows, wall art, printed rugs, and bedding. More recently, she has been pouring her creative energy into producing a local Portland podcast, called “Lost ‘n Portland”.

If you’d like to contact me with questions about my work, or contact me about a potential project, send me a message here:

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